Sardinia can transform into a romantic setting for one of the most important days of a couple’s life: a wedding.

Wedding in Sardinia

Celebrating your wedding in Sardinia means entering a world full of authentic and ancient traditions. In the exclusive location of the Hotel Raffael, we give way to a unique venue and banquets with exquisite elegance and refined flavors, which will assure you that the emotion of that “Yes” will last all day long. The Hotel Raffael offers its guests a full-service organization for your wedding, so that your unforgettable experience is taken care of in every little detail.


The restaurant

If in everyday life eating well is a pleasure, in the case of a wedding it is a fundamental requirement to make such an important day unforgettable.
The spouses can decide on the menu by choosing from the exquisite typical dishes of Sardinian cuisine, the fish-based specialties and, of course, from the traditional dishes of Italian cuisine.
In case of guests suffering from food intolerances and/or allergies, it is possible to include special dishes.
The culinary proposal is completed with an excellent selection of refined wines.

The wedding cake

In every self-respecting marriage, the wedding cake certainly cannot be missing. Traditionally it concludes the formal part of the wedding and, for this reason, it must be produced and presented with great care.
At Hotel Raffael the wedding cake is always of excellent quality and of great scenic effect.
It is possible to choose among the various types of wedding cake: Flower Cake (floral cake), Watercolor Cake (watercolor cake), Naked Cake (naked cake), Rainbow Cake (rainbow cake) and many others customized according to the wishes of the spouses.
We are always available to recommend a wedding cake in line with the style and season of the wedding.

Set Up

We also believe that an image is worth a thousand words! This is why we make our set-up service available to the spouses.
In meetings with the spouses, that precede the wedding, we have to understand what their desires and tastes are in order to develop the customized project.


Have you always wanted to get married in a wonderful garden overlooking the sea?
At the Hotel Raffael the dream becomes reality, we are in fact the only location in the province of Oristano, which allows the civil celebration in its own garden.
In this way, the spouses can spend the most beautiful day in our structure avoiding moving.